Jun 272014

I <3 u text

There it is;
A text, from you.
I smile and the sun shines a little brighter in the morning sky.
The dullness of domesticity is polished by your words,
Each syllable buffing up my day until I see my reflection in its sheen.

I see a woman; older, wiser but inside she is as young as the day we met.
I imagine that’s who you see when your fingertip gently brushes the send button,
The girl you met once upon a time. When possibility was seeping through our souls
And I thought we would live happily ever after.

Seems our fairytale ending isn’t in each others’ arms but in each others’ words.
You lay in her arms and I lay in his, but through our words we embrace.
Every salutation is a morning kiss and one small ‘x’ traces the line of your cheek
And lingers over your parted lips.

There it is.
A text, from you.
I smile and feel your warmth on my skin.

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