Aug 222013

I can’t breathe.20130822-104145.jpg
Everywhere I turn is you.
Drumming at my life like the persistent rain.
In osmosis, I draw in the intensity,
Your saturating attention spilling into every single thing I do,
Lapping at the edge of forbearance.
You are drowning me. It is too much,
I can’t breathe.


I wrote this poem with two perspectives in mind. It is easy to take on the first person from the poem but I also hope the reader can see it from the ‘perpetrator’ point of view too. The complexities or perhaps imbalances of relationships, of both the romantic and platonic kind. I hoped it could also be applied to other scenarios too, apart from the obvious. For example a mother with PND and a new born baby or objectifying ‘you’ into something like work.

I might write a similar poem from the other side of the coin. Could be interesting?

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