Oct 182013
Ice Cube Aurora. Photo by Carlos Pobes.

Ice Cube Aurora. Photo by Carlos Pobes.

Weary, savaged by the bitter cold but full of hope, three astro-physicists huddled together in front of the small, forgotten sub-station and smiled. They nodded to each each other in recognition that their three-week mission was almost complete.

The star shone brightly and the heavens were given to glory. This was the place where the future would be born. They entered silently, and found the station’s occupants huddled around a computer screen, their faces bathed in its eternal glow.

Joe looked up from the screen, startled by their presence. ‘Who are you? What do you want here?’ His manner was defensive, suspicious.

‘We have brought you gifts.’

They handed over three pieces of paper with writing scribbled on them; one to access a Swiss bank account, one with a pass code and one hand-written, the formulae and equations scattered over the page in tiny, angular script.

Joe looked at them, pausing over the last page until he felt his knees weaken and his hand begin to tremble.

‘This isn’t…?’

‘What the world has been waiting for?’

‘But why us? We’re nobody, we’re just the mavericks, posted out here to keep us quiet.’

‘It is time for what is hidden to be revealed. Our gifts will facilitate, but you are the ones who have found the cure. Because of you thousands will be saved.’

They left as swiftly as they had arrived and Joe took Maria in his arms.

‘I’m sorry I ever doubted you, love. This is it. Our dreams have come true.’



This is my entry for the Flash Fiction competition run on Flash! Friday.  

The prompt was the picture and it was a 250 word limit with a 10 word leeway.

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  1. OOhhhh intriguing. I assume as it’s flash fiction there isn’t anymore coz I really want to read more…………….. please????? #Prose4T

  2. oooh love this. More please!
    sarah recently posted…Snot and Jack Daniels #wotsofuneeMy Profile

  3. I was really drawn into this – wish there was more. I’m intrigued. Thanks for linking to #Prose4T
    Verily Victoria Vocalises recently posted…A Meaty Offer from Bespoke. Including a BBQ sauce recipe and Basil and Lemon Chicken.My Profile

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