Sep 192013

imageJake grabbed Meg’s hand and pulled her toward him. There was an evening chill and they huddled together as they ran through the field, the butchered wheat scratching their legs. The bales were bigger than they had anticipated and after giving Meg a leg-up, Jake scrambled after her, finding it difficult to find his grip.

They lay together in silence, Meg’s heart racing. Jake turned to her, ‘Are you ready?’ Biting her lip, she nodded. From his coat he took a syringe but in the dusky light he dropped the needle into the hay. ‘Shit, we’ll never find that.’

Linking up with this week’s 100 Word Challenge where the prompt was …harvest… We had to write something that signifies the word but not use it. So I used an image of harvest, an idiom and tried to give it a twist.

Also linking to #Prose4T

  13 Responses to “Addicted by Love”

  1. I’m loving taking part in the 100WCGU because reading everyone else’s interpretations of the prompts are so entertaining! Your story is great; I was practically “in” that field with Jake and Meg from the onset! Brilliant!

  2. Excellent – you really surprised me there! Very clever!
    BlueBeretMum recently posted…Waspy WednesdayMy Profile

  3. Oooohh am rather intrigued now – this is brilliant #Prose4T

    • Are they lovers? Is this the first time? Does it finish here? So many questions…

  4. I loved your needle in a hay stack reference, beautifully done!

    Oh no I posted for this prompt too but used harvest in my story, I should have read the directions better :( great job on eliciting the harvest without the word.
    Jess recently posted…Fear the ReaperMy Profile

  5. Great — great story, great use of the prompt, great twist!
    Judith Atwood recently posted…Transplant (100WCGU Week #105)My Profile

  6. You describe the setting wonderfully. I am glad the hay has eaten up their syringe!
    Laura Alonso recently posted…Perfectly Me – approach-approach conflict in poetryMy Profile

  7. Brilliant! I love this and was so drawn into it. Relieved that they can’t find the needle in the haystack! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x
    Verily Victoria Vocalises recently posted…Put your friends Scores to shame with Jet2holidays’ Plane Game.My Profile

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